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Olepangi Farm Guesthouse



Olepangi Farm is a 35 minute drive from Nanyuki which lies on the equator and in the foothills of Mt Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa at more than 17,000 feet.

The farm is “on the edge” in the sense that it straddles that unique eco-zone where most of the finest roses in the world are supplied to markets of Europe, grown in the wild hinterland of Northern Kenya.  On the farm's northern boundary are guesthouses which look out onto the stunning 36,000-acre Ole Naishu Ranch, a working cattle ranch full of wildlife.  This ranch then in turns connects with millions of acres of bushland including Lolldaiga Hills, Borana, Ol Jogi, Mpala Ranch and so on and so forth.  The property is protected by a low-lying elephant fence.

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Mukutan Retreat

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The unique setting, the silent and the evocative sounds of Africa, make the Mukutan Retreat an exclusive hideaway for discriminate travellers, in simple yet extremely sophisticated comfort. Built in elegant African style, using local stone, native woods and papyrus thatch, each cottage is original in layout and décor.

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Solio Lodge

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Nestled in the valley between the dramatic slopes of Mount Kenya and the rolling peaks of the Aberdare Mountains, Solio Lodge is located on the Solio Reserve, a physically diverse, scenically spectacular private ranch covered by open grass lands, wooded ravines. It is internationally recognised as the most successful rhino breeding reserve in Africa.

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Lewa Wilderness Trails

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Lewa Wilderness Trails is one of Kenya's oldest and most private safari ventures. The Craig family has passed down from one generation to the next a distinct passion for wildlife, conservation and tourism, and they proudly continue to run Wilderness Trails lodge and Walking Wild camel safaris. Wilderness Trails hosts and flies the only open cockpit biplane in East Africa which will take you around the conservation areas of northern Kenya.

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Koija Starbeds

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A unique and delightful concept of sleeping under the stars in extreme comfort. The Koija Starbeds are cantilevered over the flowing river and accessed by a footbridge from the opposite bank. These are part of a joint venture project that Loisaba has undertaken in partnership with the Laikipiak Maasai people from the Koija community.

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Ngobit River Lodge


Situated along the Ngobit River the Lodge was originally built in the early 1960’s as a Club and has now been carefully restored maintaining its original character. The spacious Club facilities make it an ideal venue for groups while smaller parties will find Colobus House equally comfortable. The landscape is a combination of dry forest and relics of riverine forest trees with views of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares.

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Rutundu Log Cabins

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Rutundu is an adventurous getaway on Mount Kenya for those who enjoy rough luxe style. Completely off the beaten track, these cosy log cabins provide a true escape in an area of pure wilderness. It is after all where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. The area surrounding Rutundu is a hiker’s paradise – with Giant Groundsel and Heather forests, moorland terrain and Cedar and Podo forest.

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Sabuk Lodge

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This stunning wilderness destination is home to professional safari guide Verity Williams and her family. Sabuk, created out of the local landscape, is built with twisted wood, stone boulders and thatch. It is a fabulous family holiday destination.

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Il N’gwesi Lodge

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The Il Ngwesi Eco Lodge is set in the idyllic Mukogodo Hills adjacent to the Ngare Ndare River. Constructed from local materials, the open-air design allows for stunning panoramic views. Opened in 1996, the Il Ngwesi Eco Lodge has been the recipient of numerous eco- and community- tourism awards. It is owned and managed by the Laikipiak Maasi of the Il Ngwesi Group Ranch who will host your stay.

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Tassia Lodge is set in a stunning wilderness area, situated on the 60,000 acre Lekurruki Community Ranch. Perched dramatically on the edge of a rocky bluff overlooking a valley filled with Acacia and Newtonia trees, it gives a spectacular and breathtaking view of the Northern Frontier District towards Samburu. This community eco-lodge is owned by Lekerruki Community and is built entirely from low impact material, the ‘organic’ structure appears as a natural extension of the ground it is built on.

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Ol Malo

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Ol Malo is a privately-owned game sanctuary on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River - 5000 acres of spectacular bush country overlooked by Mount Kenya. Guests can experience the hospitality of the family home or in a large self-contained house in the grounds of one of the most stunning properties in east Africa.

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Sosian is a 24,000 acre private ranch in the heart of Laikipia. The ranch house was built in the 1940’s by Italian artisans, and can accommodate up to 14 people in the atmosphere of a private home, now known as Sosian Lodge. Composed of very diverse ecosystems Sosian’s open grassy plains are home to Oryx, Grant's gazelle, Ostrich and cheetah. South of the ranch, the bush is thicker and full of acacia woodland - home to several elephant herds (buffalo, reticulated giraffe, wild dog, lion and leopard.

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Loisaba Wilderness

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Perched a few hundred feet above a waterhole, frequented by a constant stream of wildlife, Loisaba is constructed from stone, local timber and thatch. Loisaba Wilderness offers the rare excitement, adventure and privacy of the African wilderness. The lodge has a swimming pool, tennis court, bocce court and croquet lawn. A visit to Loisaba will revive your mind, rejuvenate your body and revitalise your soul.

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A private and unique camp that combines luxurious comfort and unmatched wildlife viewing. Evening sundowners with amazing views of distant mountain ranges, delicious meals served under the stars next to a roaring fire and the sounds of animals in camp late at night are just a small part of this magical experience. Sirikoi has a spacious living and dining area, infinity swimming pool and veranda deck which are set within extensive lawns and scattered acacia trees.

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El Karama Lodge

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El Karama Bandas consist of an exclusive selection of beautifully constructed stone and canvas bandas (cottages) set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro. This affordable and comfortable riverside retreat provides the perfect setting for nature lovers seeking the ultimate Kenyan safari experience.

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Suyian Soul

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A peaceful energy surrounds Suyian Soul, an earthy open-plan rustic and simple lodge with no compromise to comfort and home to Etno – botanist Anne Powys. Suyian can accommodate up to 10 people. Within Suyian and stretching out into the wider ecosystem there occurs significant populations of elephant, reticulated giraffe, ostrich, hippo, Burchell’s zebra, Grevy’s zebra, buffalo, lion, leopard, African wild dog among many other species. The property is also home to rare and interesting species of plants.

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Borana Lodge

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‘Borana’ has become a byword for luxury, exclusivity and freedom;. Built from local building materials and dead wood from the ranch, the lodge is totally in keeping with its surroundings. All areas of the Lodge overlook a lake that is a popular watering hole for the local animals so there is constant activity for guests to watch.

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The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille

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Perched on the flanks of a wooded rock kopje, in the heart of our private conservation area, is The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille – a collection of four private, full-service, fully staffed Houses for the discerning few. Features at the boutique hotel include; “Horizon” swimming pool, Spa with luxury treatments, Library and viewing deck with GPS telescope and Satellite broadband wi-fi.

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