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Lions galore!

Lion galore16 lion in the middle of the plains on Suyian, at ease. This pride fluctuates from 16 to 20. There are about 6 mothers with cubs ranging from 1 year to about 6 and 10 months old, all of them born on Suyian.

This fantastic praise for Laikipia from World renowned Tourism Expert Tom Buncle after his return from a recent trip.

Leopards mating at El Karama

Laikipia tourism

Laikipia tourism

Rare sighting, an absolute delight - leopards mating at El Karama

Laikipia Coffee Table Book Available!

Laikipia tourismThe Laikipia Coffee Table Book - Laikipia, The Landscapes, Wildlife and Peoples of Kenya’s High Country tells the story of Laikipia, exposing its diversity of land, land use, people, culture, conservation efforts, wildlife and so much more.

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