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Small predators & primates

Most often seen of the smaller predators are the Slender Mongoose and the White-tailed Mongoose, although both the Egyptian and the Marsh Mongoose are sometimes encountered near water. African Clawless Otters are rarely seen, but signs of their presence – usually the crunched shells of freshwater crabs – abound along most Laikipia streams and rivers.

There are few primate species in Laikipia. Though widespread across the Sahel, the Patas Monkey – an attractive orange-brown denizen of the open savannah, where it feeds on insects and the gum of Whistling Thorns – is rare in Kenya. Laikipia is the only place where it is readily seen. Baboons, often seen roosting on rock outcrops or in tall ‘fever’ trees, are common near water. Vervet Monkeys favour wooded areas, while the striking Black-and-White Colobus occurs in riverine forest. Bushbabies can be seen leaping between Acacia branches in the late evenings.

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