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Black Rhinos

Laikipia is a stronghold of the globally endangered Black Rhinoceros. In the 1980s, as a wave of rhino poaching swept across Africa, the Black Rhino was, from an abundant species, brought to the verge of extinction. To save the species, Kenya adopted a policy of creating fortress reserves. The north’s last remaining rhinos were located and captured and then placed in sanctuaries such as those on Lewa, OlPejeta and Solio, where – under intensive protection – numbers have since built up, enough in some cases for there to be surplus animals available to repopulate other areas.

The scale of the poaching menace has receded and some sanctuaries have removed sections of their massive fences, allowing the rhinos to disperse more widely. Yet poaching remains a constant threat, obliging ranches with rhinos to maintain high levels of security.

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