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The Safaricom Marathon- A challenge in the Wild

Every year, top athletes, fitness enthusiasts as well as spectators come together at the Lewa Wildlife  Conservancy to participate in what some have declared as one of the toughest races on earth. However, runners of all abilities take part, from fun runners, walkers and amateurs, to professionals like Paul Tergat the Kenyan international and former world record holder.

The marathon is a unique fundraising event that offers an unparalleled experience and has raised over three million dollars since its inception. The funds have been directed to conservation and development efforts in and around Lewa. 

The track is cut out through Lewa’s landscape of undulating hills and sprawling savannah, and runners have the privilege of enjoying the breath-taking scenery throughout the course of the race. The course is a 21km loop - the full marathon is run over two loops and the half marathon over one loop. The course lies at an average altitude of 5,500 ft.

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