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The Laikipia Highlands Games- Sports for Peace

The Laikipia Highlands games was born in 2008 as joint venture of the Gallmann Memorial Foundation (GMF) and the Great Rift Valley Trust is an annual sporting initiative aimed at using the fundamental values of sport in fostering good will, build relations, bridge divisions, and harness the natural competitive spirit of youth and the recognized high potential of Kenya Highlands athletes, to engage in peaceful competitions that put their fitness to test, at the same time offering unique opportunities to emerging new athletes.

The games are held at the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, home to world renowned author Kuki Gallman -  a vast wildlife sanctuary and biodiversity oasis situated on the edge of Kenya’ Great Rift valley, boundary to six warring community, on the Western Laikipia

 The games are an unusual and exciting combination of modern athletics and colorful traditional tribal games played amongst African tribes since generations. The edition of the 2009 games won the prestigious PEACE AND SPORT AWARD for the peace and sport event of the year in Monaco.

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