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Raw materials in interior design

nterior design materials and elements are the basic components when deciding the natural outlook or appearance in a house. Raw materials are components that can easily be converted to more useful elements through processing and manufacturing. Most of the materials used to decorate houses have to be durable, affordable and ferocious to ensure they last long and produce the needed appearance. There are seven basic elements in interior design they include; color, form, light, line pattern, texture and space. Alternatively, some of the basic materials used in interior design include;

Mixing Metals

It mostly recommended for homes using industrial designs. Interior designers normally form exciting mixes of brass, copper and brass. Metals are extremely long lasting and form very good alloys when properly blended. Lastly, combining metals always produce the best patterns in a house.

Floral Fabric

It is among the modern materials used in interior design. Floral fabrics are mostly used to form wallpapers and decorating cabinets, shelves and a home office chest of drawers. Floral elements create an organic and adorable appearance to a space. Such materials are best suited to the living room, bed room and the home office.

Wooden Materials

They are the most used materials when designing a house. Wooden materials have a variety of uses such as; building wooden floors, constructing couches, sofas, cupboards, shelves and a chest of drawers. Well-designed and decorated materials always make the interior layout of house look appealing.


It helps to bring an adorable metallic touch in a house and also brings a sense of comfort in it. Copper is used to form kitchen, bedroom and home office equipment. For instance, you find copper utensils like cups, and also it can be used to form handles for drawers and the cabinet. Copper materials are very durable, strong and firm and produce long-lasting accessories.


Fur is mostly used during the formation of house furniture such as sofas and pillows. Moreover, they are used to form pillows and blankets and thus bring a sense of warmth in house. Such materials are very crucial during the winter season when it’s very cold. Lastly, they are used in constructing office chairs to bring a sense of coziness.


Nowadays all houses have equipment made of marble since it’s durable and always makes a house look attractive. Marble accessories bring durability and a sense of sustainable quality to interior designers.

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How to make the most out of your bedroom space

Did you know that how your bedroom looks can affect your quality of sleep? Your bedroom’s general feel does more to your subconscious mind and can determine how well you sleep at night. The bedroom is a significant part of any house with a considerable amount of time spent there each night. Despite the size or layout of your bedroom, there are a few factors that can elevate your bedroom’s appearance and help you make the most of it.


Choosing a suitable color for your walls creates a massive difference in your room aesthetic and theme. Bright colors will make your room appear bigger and warmer. Darker colors work better as accent walls in the bedroom to give a good color contrast.


Changing the lighting in your bedroom may also improve the overall look and feel of the room. Natural light is preferred during the day; however, if your house does not get much natural light, many artificial light options can fix this. Also, replacing warm bulbs with bright light bulbs facilitates better vision and makes the bedroom seem cleaner.


A lot of people with small bedrooms tend to feel like their space is cramped. This could result from laying out furniture in a manner that is not suited for the room’s shape and size. A trick that always works is to determine which your focal wall is. Automatically, this should be the wall to position your bed’s headboard. If your space allows it, place your bed at the center of the wall instead of against the window, which will help your room feel larger. With the bed correctly placed, the rest of the furniture, such as side tables and chest of drawers( will easily fall into place.


Commonly referred to as the oldest trick in the book; the use of mirrors to make a space appear bigger. Their reflection creates an illusion of a bigger space, and the mirror can help balance the lighting in the room by reflecting natural light from the window to other areas of the room. The larger the mirror, the better it works for this.

Area Rugs

Plain area rugs make the room feel less busy and expose open floor spaces that make the room appear larger. They also increase comfort, warmth, and make the bedroom feel cozy and luxurious.

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