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Morupusi Campsite


Located within the 43,000 acre Naibunga Conservancy, a community initiative linking 9 group ranches in central Laikipia, where a 10-year management plan is in place to guide conservation efforts and support livelihoods. The typical semi-arid landscape with red-earthed rolling hills and rocky outcrops is covered with acacia trees, and the area has a significant wild dog population.



Camping within the Wuakumbe Hills with views across the Kipsing lugga, and northern Kenya. The site has scattered acacia trees and rocky outcrops with flowering Euphorbia and tropical Dracaena. An additional camping option is on the sandy banks of the seasonal Sinyai River, shaded by yellow-fever trees - home to both elusive and gregarious species of wildlife and a variety of singing birds.


Morupusi group ranch has many walking and hiking opportunities, and the dirt roads are ideal for mountain biking. One option is to walk from Wuakumbe Hill to the summit of Norpanga Hill for a picnic. Visitors must be accompanied by a guide on walks and hikes, and the whereabouts of elephant and buffalo must be sought before heading out on bikes.

Facilities / Services

Firewood, day-time rangers & night watchman, Safaricom network in places. Nearest collection point for water is Dol Dol town, although in the rainy season water can be collected from the nearby rock catchment. Temporary toilets must be dug and covered on departure.


See directions for Kuri Kuri to Dol Dol town. After town bear right where road splits (secondary school sign), keep going for 5kms and bear left through school compound. Turn right after another 4kms past the Wuakumbe rock catchment, and the Wuakumbe campsite is a further 2kms on.

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Tel: 0734 350 223 Chairman of Morupusi Conservancy (Francis Kilwa)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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