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Mukogodo Forest

Laikipia tourismDescription

Located in north eastern Laikipia, lies the Mukogodo Forest Reserve - over 70,000 acres of natural indigenous forest with 170 identified vegetation species including podo, olive and cedar - clothed with lichen, ferns and orchids. The forest and its adjacent rangelands are a haven for birds, butterflies and wildlife including elephant, buffalo, leopard, wild dog, aardvark, tree hyrax, bush buck and dikdik.

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Il Polei Campsite

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Il Polei group ranch has dedicated 5,600 acres for wildlife conservation to the 43,000 acre Naibunga Conservancy, which links 9 group ranches in central Laikipia. Il Polei is located 40kms out of Nanyuki on the northern slopes of Lolldaiga hills. The ranch is home to buffalo, elephant, gerenuk, lion and baboon, and bird life is abundant.

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Kuri Kuri Group Ranch

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Kuri Kuri group ranch is one of four group ranches in eastern Laikipia that neighbours the Mukogodo forest - one of Kenya’s largest remaining dry forests (30,189 hectares). Since time began, its high biodiversity value has been conserved by Mukogodo-Maasai living in and around the forest. They were hunters and gatherers, spoke Yaaku (cushitic) and lived a semi-nomadic existence, making homes in rock shelters. In the 1920’s under British colonial policy, the Mukogodo found themselves in increasing contact with Maasai and quickly adopted key elements of their higher-status culture. Today, pastoralism on the 6000 acre group ranch is the life-blood of the community.

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Nkiloriti Group Ranch

Laikipia tourismDescription

Nkiloriti group ranch derives its name from El-Kiloriti meaning Acacia nilotica. Here the terrain is rugged and hilly, drained by the Sinyai and Kipsing rivers. Nkiloriti neighbours Morupusi and Kijabe group ranchers, and is a member of Naibunga Conservancy, which was set up with the aim to promote sustainable natural resource management, and improve/diversify economic livelihoods of the community. Of its 7,000 acres, members of the group ranch have set aside 3,000 acres for wildlife conservation managed by the Kijabe Trust.

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Tiemamut Group Ranch

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Tiemamut group ranch, a member of Naibunga conservancy has 3,500 acres of its 12,7000 acre ranch dedicated to conservation, which is under management through the Kijabe Trust. The Maasai of this area are partoralists and with support from Laikipia Wildlife Forum and African Wildlife Foundation are working to improve their rangeland using simple techniques for better pasture. Rehabilitation demonstration sites in Tiemamut have become a learning tool for members of neighboring group ranches.

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Ngare Ndare Forest

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An impressive game viewing platform has been built 25 feet high amongst the fruiting mugumo trees, where groups of Hartlaub’s Turaco gather. The platform overlooks a natural swamp fed by an underground spring, where a variety of unique vegetation grows including Phoenix palms, giant cycads and wild flowers. Here elephants and buffalo come to drink. The platform is an ideal picnic and sundowner spot, and on clear starry nights - a fantastic place to sleep. Below is plenty of space to set up a campsite.

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Bobong Campsite

Laikipia tourismLocation

Situated on Ol Maisor a working family ranch, north of Rumuruti, Bobong Campsite is located on a small escarpment over looking the Ewaso Narok Swamps, the Laikipia plains, Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Range.

Bobong is a self-help campsite. Its location attracts a great variety of bird life. Not only are the plains and rocky species abundant, but Ol Maisor Ranch has many water and some forest birds too. In 2003, Bobong rated 3rd in Kenya’s World Birdwatch count. Bobong is an ideal destination and starting point for camel safaris, as well as educational and adventure holidays for groups, families and individuals. Activities are arranged according to guest’s interests and budget.

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Morupusi Campsite


Located within the 43,000 acre Naibunga Conservancy, a community initiative linking 9 group ranches in central Laikipia, where a 10-year management plan is in place to guide conservation efforts and support livelihoods. The typical semi-arid landscape with red-earthed rolling hills and rocky outcrops is covered with acacia trees, and the area has a significant wild dog population.

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