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Birds of Laikipia

birds of LaikipiaBirds often take a back seat to mammals when it comes to popularity. Yet they have all the attributes of the keenly sought mammalian big five: size, beauty, speed and power. As home to some 400 of Kenya’s estimated 1,100 bird species, Laikipia is a birder’s paradise. Because the district is less travelled than other parts of Kenya and has hosted little ornithological research, 400 species is probably an underestimate. As more birders equipped with binoculars and spotting scopes spend time searching Laikipia’s diverse habitats, the number is sure to rise.


List of Common Birds

  • Crested Francolins
  • White-browed Sparrow Weavers
  • Spotted Palm Thrush
  • Slate-coloured Boubous
  • Red-chested Cuckoo
  • Hartlaub’s Turaco
  • White-bellied Go-away-bird
  • Laughing Speckled Pigeon
  • Common Ostrich
  • Doves – African Mourning, Red-eyed, Ring-necked and Dusky Turtle
  • African Fish Eagle
  • Secretary Bird
  • Hamerkop
  • The African Finfoot
  • Grey and Black-headed Herons
  • Kingfishers – Giant, Pied and Malachite
  • Helmeted and Vulturine Guineafowl
  • Bustard- Black-bellied, White-bellied, Hartlaub’s, Buff-crested and Kori
  • Eagles – Tawny and Crowned Eagles, Martial, Verreaux’s and Bateleur Eagles
  • Hornbills - Von der Decken’s, Red-billed, Eastern Yellow-Billed, African Grey, Crowned Hornbills, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
  • Raptors - Pallid Harriers, Sooty and Red-footed Falcons and Lesser Kestrels
  • Vultures – White-faced, White-backed, Lappet-faced, Rüppell’s and Egyptian.
  • Sandgrouse – Black-faced, Four-banded and Lichtenstein’s
  • Nightjars - Donaldson-Smith’s, Freckled, Dusky and Slender-tailed, Montane Nightjar
  • Owls - Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Northern White-faced Scops Owls, Pearl-spotted Owlet 

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