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Walking Wild


Walking Wild is a walking safari experience through one of Kenya’s best wildlife viewing habitats – the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This area provides some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa and are home to a wide variety of game including the “Big Five” (rhino, elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo), over 420 species of birds, reticulated giraffe, cheetah, numerous different antelopes and endangered species such as the Grevy zebra and sitatunga.


Based out of the Lewa Wilderness Trails lodge, Walking Wild offers guests the unique opportunity to explore by foot the remote valleys, hills and plains of the famous Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and two Maasai community conservation areas--Il Ngwesi and Lekurruki. These three areas provide some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and Walking Wild unlocks these wonders with an exceptional team of local Maasai guides and camels.

Your guide

Led by the experienced Lipan Kitonga, who has walked these lands since he was a child, this unique adventure will take guests to a range of fantastic campsites that suit the season, game movements and guests’ preferences. The increasing shift away from the confines of a traditional lodge has seen Kitonga develop this exceptional experience into a memorable part of any holiday for any age group. It is particularly popular with children..

The Walks

A normal Walking Wild day involves an early start, after a full breakfast then breaking to pass the heat of the day under the shade of an acacia tree. This is an opportunity to allow the animals to come to you and often turns up some excellent sighting. You will traverse a variety of ecosystems, enabling you to experience the diversity of flora and fauna that the areas have to offer. The focus of the safari is learning about the ecosystems as well as the local Maasai culture. You will be taught tracking techniques and other vital bush skills, as well as how to identify and understand the behavior of the insects, plants and animals. Local Maasai warriors will join you to give you insight into traditional Maasai customs.

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