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Rift Valley Adventures

DescriptionRiftvalley adventures in Laikipia, Kenya

Rift Valley Adventures designs tailor made itineraries for inspiring, stimulating and frankly unforgettable adventure and educational trips to some of the most exciting destinations on the planet.

Whether you're tracking elephants over the awe-inspiring African savannah, surfing West Australia's Indian Ocean rollers, building a classroom for a Kenyan school with a thousand smiles but no textbooks, or mountain biking through a lush tropical valley on Reunion, these are breaks to challenge your body and feed your mind. No matter who you are, where you are from or what you enjoy doing the most RVA successfully provides safe, adventurous and educational activities of all kinds to people from all walks of life.

Rift Valley Adventures provide life-changing journeys that fuse expertly controlled outdoor fun and wind-in-your-face adrenaline with heart-warming, mind-expanding exposure to other people and lifestyles.


Leisurely safari across the African savannah, thrilling, spinning ride down the Ewaso Nyiro river, mountain biking, climbing Mount kenya. RVA also runs educational based trips for geography, biology, geology field trips and many more as well as running First Aid, Technical Climbing and Bike Skills courses and many more. We understand with all activities that Safety is of top most concern and so we run Risk Assessment Procedures for all our activities.

RVA has become Kenya's premier outdoor activity and adventure company providing outstanding trips for thousands of children, corporates and adults on international and local adventures. From our base in the foothills of Mt. Kenya, our dedicated and highly trained team of instructors and administative personal are set apart by passion for exploration and a love of the outdoors.


We don't take you to predictable tourist haunts. Travel with us means thrilling, off-the-beaten-track destinations where we minimise time spent in a vehicle, and maximise experience on the ground. You won't be looking through the windows of a bus, you'll be seeing raw nature from a canoe, dhow, mountain bike, climbing rope - and even a camel.

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PH: +254 (0) 712 426 999 or +254 (0) 724 252 401

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