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GoWIld Africa


Our riding, 4x4 and walking safaris are operated in Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.  The ranch is a 49,000 acre cattle ranch and wildlife conservancy.  Located 20 km north west of Mount Kenya at an altitude of between 1,800 – 2,300m, the ranch has outstanding and uninterrupted views of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares.  The Lolldaiga range is an ancient land form, comprising of a series of magnificent high-folding hills, cedar forests, open grassland and wooded valleys

Ride, walk and drive amongst herds of zebra, impala, eland, gazelles and hartebeest.  Come almost within touching distance of the many reticulated giraffe and slowly approach a herd of elephant or buffalo.  If you are lucky we may even stumble upon a pride of lion or track down a leopard.

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Rift Valley Adventures

DescriptionRiftvalley adventures in Laikipia, Kenya

Rift Valley Adventures designs tailor made itineraries for inspiring, stimulating and frankly unforgettable adventure and educational trips to some of the most exciting destinations on the planet.

Whether you're tracking elephants over the awe-inspiring African savannah, surfing West Australia's Indian Ocean rollers, building a classroom for a Kenyan school with a thousand smiles but no textbooks, or mountain biking through a lush tropical valley on Reunion, these are breaks to challenge your body and feed your mind. No matter who you are, where you are from or what you enjoy doing the most RVA successfully provides safe, adventurous and educational activities of all kinds to people from all walks of life.

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Wild Frontiers

DescriptionLaikipia Tourism

Offers adventure walking safaris in and around the scenic Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges of northern Kenya. It is the fiercely beautiful and still unspoilt country of the Samburu and Rendille nomadic people. Proud, happy, friendly they defy the modern world to go about their traditional business and still cherish the customs and colourful ceremonies of their ancestors.

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Walking Wild


Walking Wild is a walking safari experience through one of Kenya’s best wildlife viewing habitats – the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This area provides some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa and are home to a wide variety of game including the “Big Five” (rhino, elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo), over 420 species of birds, reticulated giraffe, cheetah, numerous different antelopes and endangered species such as the Grevy zebra and sitatunga.

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Riding Wild

DescriptionRiding wild in Laikipia, Kenya

Riding Wild arranges tailor made riding safaris across the nothern wilderness of Borana and its neighbouring ranches. This area of Kenya is rich in wildlife, and has diverse environments that invite exploration and adventure. From the purple moorlands of Mt Kenya to the warm plains of the Northern Frontier District, Riding Wild is able to arrange safaris on horseback that bring you surprisingly close to the wildlife. Magnificent views march alongside as you ride through forest towards the tribal lands of the north.

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Ol Maisor Camels


Ol Maisor Ranch has over 60 working camels, and offers personalised and tailored camel walks. The trips can be as short as a day, and adapted for individuals, couples, and even school groups. The trips can be combined with other activities offered by Bobong Campsite.

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Offbeat Safaris

DescriptionOffbeat safaris

Offbeat Safaris is one of Africa's top Mobile Riding Safari Companies. Offbeat's thirty years experience of organising Riding Safaris throughout Kenya, means there are few companies that can equal our Guides knowledge and expertise. We understand the passion that our guests have for riding and aim to provide a service which is exhilarating, comfortable and most importantly, safe and fun.

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Northern Frontier Ventures


Camel assisted walking safaris based at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and operating northward in all northern community conservation areas following old elephant migration routes to the Mathews Range, Ndoto hills, Mt. Marsabit, Mt Nyiru and Mt. Kulal. We go where elephants go and offer an adventure and experience of a lifetime.

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Nanyuki River Camel Camp


The concept of Nanyuki River Camel Camp was developed by Chris Field after spending twenty years living as a nomad, helping pastoralists become more self reliant, in the arid regions of northern Kenyan on the Ethiopia border. Although three quarters of Kenya is arid or semi arid, most visitors to Kenya never experience such extreme ways of lives.

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Kenya Treks

DescriptionKenya treks

Tailor made walking safaris on Mount Kenya for small private groups who are looking for a mountain wilderness adventure. Our trips are flexible, personalised itineraries without set departure dates. An experienced team will make sure your trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Mt Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain has some of the finest walking routes, off the beaten track, suited for the intrepid adventurer.

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Karisia Walking Safaris


Karisia Limited Walking Safaris specialises in a form of adventure travel that does not compromise luxury and comfort. Typically on a walking safari, guests wake with the rising sun, eat a delicious cooked breakfast, and begin the journey. Pack camels and camp follow behind but often they pass, as guests stop to discover the natural history encountered along the way. At the next camp guests are greeted with a cool drink and a gourmet lunch. The afternoon is normally spent relaxing, enjoying a stream or river, having a siesta or fishing before going for an evening walk and sundowners. Karisia Walking safaris often begin or end at one Laikipia’s renowned lodges.

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