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What to do in Laikipia

Horse riding in Laikipia

Horse Riding

Riding through Laikipia on horseback can be relaxed, thrilling, amusing, interesting, but never dull as you ride your way through ranches and community areas or even up Mt Kenya’s moorlands. Experience riding on the plains with a herd of zebra, walking gently through a canopy of giraffe or past a herd of elephant or buffalo. On horseback it is possible to get unusually close to wildlife.  Enjoy riding alongside the big game animals that abound Laikipia.

Biking in Laikipia



For the spirited adventurer, mountain bikes offer a unique way to explore some of Laikipia’s varied terrain and stunning flora and fauna be it through forests, rolling hills or expansive plains.


Guided WalksGuided walks

A great way to view the stunning bio diversity of Laikipia is on foot accompanied by Samburu or Maasai guides whose knowledge of local flora, fauna, cultural and history is unmatched. Or even experience a rites of passage Samburu ceremony.



Game drives in Laikipia

Game drives

One of the best ways to view the wildlife on safari is on a game drive. Whether you go early in the morning or late afternoon, you own informative guide will take you in an open vehicle across the open plains, through the bush or along the river bank viewing the wide variety of game, birds, plants and trees. Both day and night game drives on offer in Laikipia.


FishingFishing in Laikipia

Fishing can be arranged in various rivers and dams, including Lake Rutundu on Mount Kenya. Equipment, both modern and traditional can be supplied together with drinks and a picnic.



River rafting in Laikipia


River rafting

For those who dare, experience rafting sections of the Ewaso Ngiro and Ng'are Narok rivers in inflatable rafts. Availability is dictated by the seasonal level of the rivers.


Camel Safaris in LaikipiaCamel Safaris

Camels are the traditional mode of transport in Northern Kenya’s drylands and another great way to experience Laikipia. Short or longer walks can be arranged or as well as over night camel camps.



CampingCamping in Laikipia

If you are staying at a camp for several nights, you might want to spend one of those evenings under the stars, sleeping in your own mosquito-netting tent watching the stars in the clear sky above you and listening to the sounds of the night. Fly camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the pure tranquillity and raw excitement of the bush but still retains the everyday luxuries that characterise the camps - hot showers, comfortable bedding and cold drinks served with gourmet food.

CultureCulture in Laikipia

For a cultural experience, spend an afternoon down at a traditional Masai village - a great experience see how the Masai live, watch them dance and view some of their beadwork. A visit to the Yaaku cultural museum will unravel the journey from Mukogodo to Maasai –from a life of hunting and gathering to cattle rearing, from speaking Yaaku to Maa.

Sundowners & Bush Breakfasts

The 'sun-downer' is an essential part of safari life. Timed to commence as the sun starts its descent, sun-downers begin with a gentle evening game drive, arriving at a special sundowner site, from rocky outcrops to hills with endless panoramas just as the evening sky begins to streak. Dinners in Laikipia also offer another unrivalled experience – a lantern lit bush dinner with cocktails around the campfire.

Wake up to crystal clear big blue open skies and enjoy another safari essential - the traditional bush breakfast.

Mountain Climbing

Spectacular Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa – its peak at 5,199 metres towers over Laikipia . Mountain climbing isn’t only for the fit and daring. Tailor made safaris that allow a few hours or days walk or a visit to Point Lenana are offered. A via ferrata has also recently been installed on the mountain allowing for ease of access and enhanced safety. For the hard core, three peaks await you , Batian 5,199 m (17,058 ft) and Nelion 5,188 m (17,022 ft) above sea level respectively, are technical climbs.

People & Culture

Laikipia is much more than just a safari destination. The local culture and people of this region make for a wonderfully enriching experience. Laikipia is composed of Kikuyu, Meru, Maasai, Samburu, Pokot and fourth/fifth generation white Kenyans. Lifestyles range from ranching, pastoralism and farming.

In Laikipia, guests experience up close and personal interaction with communities – community group ranches are host to a number of lodges in Laikipia. Whether its through the camp staff, visiting schools, community projects, womens projects, cultural manyattas, visitors in Laikipia have privileged access to the fascinating people and cultures found in Laikipia.

Helicopter & Bi Plane rides

Lying on the thresholds of Kenya’s wild Northern rangelands, Laikipia stretches from the slopes of Mt Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valley. Its magnificent escarpments descend into the arid lands and semi deserts of Northern Kenya. Take a ride in a classic bi plane a throw back to the old days or a ride in a chopper to have your breath literally taken aways.

Catch a glimpse…


With endless panoramas, big open skies, wild Northern rangelands, semi deserts of Northern kenya, dry forests and waterfalls, the iconic backdrop of Mt Kenya , spectacular gorges at the edge of the Great Rift Valley over 80 mammal species and 450 species of birds, Laikipia is a photographers haven!

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