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Day visits

There is plenty to do and see in Laikipia. A number of options exist to keep one busy on a day or a weekend. You could even yourself in Nanyuki town and explore Laikipia’s safari and adventure hotspots.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

A world-class tourism destination, the 90,000 acre Ol Pejeta Conservancy is East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary, the closest reserve to Nairobi with the ‘Big 5’ and holds some of the highest predator densities in Kenya. The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to 42 chimpanzees.
You could stop by a visit Baraka the blind rhino, have a sumptuous lunch at Moranis Restaurant, and later stop over at Sweetwaters Tented Camp for some tea.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Spanning 62,000 acres, Lewa is Kenya’s leading model for wildlife conservation on private land and a leading destination for conservation tourism. Lewa holds over 10% of Kenya’s black rhino population and has the largest single population of Grevy’s zebra in the world. (pre-arrangement required).

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

A unique facility caring for abandoned, injured and rare endangered animals for rehabilitation back to the wild. Join the dedicated keepers for a close encounter with the magnificent rare Bongo Antelopes, caracals and other charges. (Open to guests of Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club or direct by prior arrangement.)

Solio Game Reserve

Established in 1970, Solio’s 17,000 acre Game Reserve is home to over 200 black and white rhino, and is internationally recognised as the most successful private Rhino Sanctuary in Kenya. Nestled between the Aberdare range and Mount Kenya, it is a true jewel not to be missed.
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Ngare Ndare Forest

The 5,300 ha indigenous forest is a safe haven for large mammals and a paradise for monkeys, birds and butterflies. Crystal clear mountain streams and waterfalls make it a perfect getaway for those who enjoy walking, picnics and camping. A platform and canopy walk allow for a birds eye view of the forest. Take a picnic hamper with you!

Mukogodo Forest

Located in north eastern Laikipia, lies the Mukogodo Forest Reserve - over 70,000 acres of natural indigenous forest with 170 identified vegetation species including podo, olive and cedar - clothed with lichen, ferns and orchids.   The forest and its adjacent rangelands are a haven for birds, butterflies and wildlife. Famed for its hills and stunning viewpoints, take a couple days to visit Mukogodo forest and enjoy spectacular 180 degree views over northern Kenya. The Mukogodo Forest has boundless potential for walking, hiking and mountain biking, with various nature trail options suitable for family groups and energetic hikers.

Go to camping section (mukogodo) for more information.

Mt Kenya Forest Reserve & National park

From Laikipia, visitors can enjoy scenic drives in the 2,100-km² Protected Area skirting Mount Kenya. A drive to any of the road-heads in the Park will take you through successive belts of tropical Afro-montane vegetation, from montane forest above 2,000 m through the bamboo and sub-alpine heather zones to the Afro-alpine moorland zone complete with coarse tussock grasses and scatterings of giant Lobelias and Groundsels.  Popular gates Sirimon, Naro Moru and Chogoria. 

Yaaku Cultural Museum

Located adjacent to the Mukogodo forest within Kurikuri Group Ranch, this small facility has been set up to help promote the Mukogodo culture and revive the Yaaku language. It highlights the cultural journey that the Mukogodo people of this region have taken over the last century.
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